I Taught Myself To Do Sudoku!

So, I taught myself Sudoku! When this Sudoku became popular I avoided the popular new activity like I avoid math. As soon as I saw the numbers my brain immediately  scrambled and I told myself I couldn’t it because I have a math disability! Part of me really wanted to be able to understand the concept of putting the numbers in their correct boxes.My Sister was a beast in Sudoku, she had several booklets and she did the puzzles in ink pen!

My Mom and Sister tried to patiently explain the concept, I didn’t get it. Like with most things it takes a bit before I catch on to things and usually when I do I am pretty good. There was this big mental block around Sudoku all because of the numbers that swarmed all over the page. I really wanted to learn how to do the darn puzzles and they seemed difficult.When I first started doing Sudoku it would sometimes take me at least a day to complete an entire puzzle. As time went on I got better and started to understand the concept of number placement and I was so excited. One thing I also realized about the puzzle itself is,it has nothing to do with math! So,I freaked myself out over numbers and boxes.

I have to say Sudoku has become one of my go-to activities when I need something to do with my hands,  need a moment away from the chaos going on around me and it makes me stop and mentally chill out. I love to carry little pocket size booklets with me full of puzzles, it is kind of like the adult coloring craze.

When I finish a puzzle I feel proud in an odd way. I taught myself do Sudoku and when I am done with a puzzle I feel a little moment of happiness because I am not afraid of the numbers and boxes. I can now do the expert puzzles and the easy ones I can do in pen! I am a beast with Sudoku. Sometimes it is the small accomplishments that mean more to me because I think I put the most work into the challenged areas.




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