Basic Friday Night

It is Friday night, I am sitting home with Netflix and dinner that is my way of  relaxing after a long day spent in the library. I spent the majority of my day in the library praying that the four dollar black coffee with two add shots would keep me awake so I can finish reading my Medical Insurance Handbook chapters for Monday. Some days I am just not interested in Medical Billing, actually I am never really into billing it is just one of those courses I have to endure before moving to my core courses. Thank God I am almost done.

After the library I went over to the park to unwind. I walked about forty-five minuets around the park.My new bright royal blue and pink Pegasus running shoe was hurting my big toe, I think my right foot is a little larger than my left. I decided to end my walk because I was terrified at the idea of somehow developing a bunion as a result of my shoe being tight. I moved on to my next best option for exercise, my hula hoop which is my go to at the park. I like to take off my shoes and socks and hoop with and focus on the moist grass squishing underneath my feet. Is it weird that I tend to feel relaxed in those moments? For that brief period of time my mind is off and I get lost in the motions. It is my alternative for the gym and that is not my favorite place at all.

The moment faded, I packed my stuff  and headed back to my car, I contemplated taking some time to read my book but I really just wanted to go home and relax. All I really wanted was dinner and a couple of movies that did not require any brainpower. I cooked my dinner and plopped down in front of the t.v. and zoned out for the rest of the evening and now it is almost 2 a.m.! I should be asleep but I am wide awake, my coffee  from earlier today will probably keep me up and that is not good since I have another long day ahead.

Once I am done with this I will shower, drink some tea and hope for the best. My sleeping patterns are always wonky and it has nothing to do with wether or not I get enough sleep the night before. I wish I could sleep like normal people wake up and actually be refreshed for the new day. Well, I think this is a good place to end, I need to get some sort of rhythm with this writing. Bye!



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